About Company


About company

UKey Consulting Company specializes in providing advice to large industrial enterprises. Our company has been among the top 100 largest consulting groups of Russia for over 15 years. The main competence of the company’s experts is consulting services of a special class. This conclusion has been made based on the increasing number of large clients and the high level of tasks being resolved. That is why our company provides high-class services, which are demanded by largest enterprises not only in the Ural region but throughout Russia.

The tasks that our clients assign to us are more and more challenging. We regard it as a reflection of our growing professional reputation, recognition of the high competence of our experts and an additional incentive for our continuous growth and development. The trust of our clients is of a very high value for us. That’s why a responsible attitude to our clients and a perfect performance of our obligations are our main principles.

We never leave unresolved tasks to our clients. If required, we outsource necessary experts for handling any kind of problems. Combining own and outsourced recourses, the variety of services provided by our company allow us to satisfy any legal needs of our clients.

Confidentiality of information received from our clients is very important for us. Prior to starting any activity, we assume a nondisclosure obligation.

We always assume responsibility for all our actions and for the advice we give. We are proud to consider our sincere dedication to the work, our ability to find an ingenious solution, our ability to see the problem from an unexpected side as our distinctive feature, and our ‘signature moment’. That’s why our clients do not have troubles, they have only problems to which we are sure to find right keys.