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Commercial practices

As part of commercial practice, we provide comprehensive legal support for any transactions. UKey specialists are ready to look into your situation, develop the documents necessary for all the parties, coordinate them with all authorities and carry out a secure transaction with minimal risks of disputing it in the future.


We will help you obtain all the permits required to complete a transaction and advise on all legal consequences of transactions, including tax obligations.


  • Legal structuring of transactions: analysing the situation and proposing various courses of action that meet the interests of all parties;
  • Participation in negotiations, bringing the parties to agreement on all essential terms of the transaction;
  • Business valuation;
  • Support in obtaining the necessary approvals;
  • Drawing up and analyzing legal documents, taking into account all the specifics of concluded transactions;
  • Legal consulting on the legal consequences of transactions, tax consultations;
  • Legal support of transaction execution.

Advantages of Working with Ukey

Prior to starting a major project, you may apply for legal consulting services to ensure its successful implementation and minimize risk of disputes between partners. In doing so, it’s important to choose lawyers with expertise in commercial segment before launching new projects and building / changing your business structure in view of the current legislation.

UKey commercial practice lawyers cooperate closely with specialists from other teams to successfully lead and manage all legal aspects of complex commercial projects of our clients.

UKey Commercial Practice team provides you confidence in the future of your business.