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Appraisal of pledged assets

When a bank grants a loan to a company on the pledge of asset condition, the bank shall appraise such assets. For this purposes, the credit organizations need services of independent appraisers who determine the actual value of an asset in question. The report on appraisal of the subject of pledge prepared by independent appraiser allows credit organization to draw a conclusion regarding liquidity, price and terms of the pledged asset disposal based on market conditions and investment prospects.

Determination of the actual market value of the pledged assets by an independent appraiser allows the parties to determine a fair balance between the value of pledged assets and the loan amount, and to avoid controversies between the parties to loan agreement which may arise in case of foreclosure.

Appraisal of the subject of pledge is a mandatory procedure for bank loan formalization. Generally, the banks recommend their borrowers to apply for the pledged asset appraisal to their approved and credible appraisal partners. 

UKey-Appraisal is a partner of more than twenty banks.

The following assets may be pledged

·         Real estate (buildings, apartments, land lots, etc.).

·         Machinery and equipment.

·         Securities (promissory notes, stocks of companies, state treasury bills).

·         Industrial and food products (high-quality products with long storage life) including goods for sale.

·         Property rights which may be assigned (for example, right to share in property of business unit), active debts, copyrights, inventor’s rights and other property rights.