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Effective labor relationships are key to a company success; that is why labor issues require special attention.

UKey offers a full range of services to resolve labor law issues, from individual legal services (individual employment contracts, representation of employer’s interests in labor disputes) to complex tasks (development and execution of the company by-laws).


  • Conducting due diligence for compliance with labor and migration laws, identifying employer risks, developing recommendations for their elimination;
  • Development of the company by-laws;
  • Development and amendments of all types of employment contracts, including contracts with top managers;
  • Development of effective solutions for terminating employment relations with employees, minimizing the employer’s risks, formalizing the termination of employment contracts;
  • Preparation of the required documents and support of the employer when hiring foreign employees (obtaining permits, work visas, etc.);
  • Legal consulting on occupational health and safety issues, representing the interests of the employer in the investigation of cases of occupational diseases and industrial accidents;
  • Representing the interests of the employer in individual labor disputes;
  • Legal advice on compliance with labor discipline, financial liability of employees and the employer, support for out-of-court resolution of labor conflicts;
  • Representing the interests of the employer during an audit of compliance with labor law.

Advantages of Working with UKey

UKey lawyers get their experience through regular practice and continuous training. Our advantages are attention to detail, the ability to see risks and offer ways to solve business problems most effectively.   

Labor law issues are closely linked to the protection of confidential information, corporate governance regulation, protection of intellectual property, and migration legislation. Our comprehensive approach to solving problems allows us to achieve the most effective results.

We ensure the effective use of your employees' potential and reliable protection of your business interests. 

Комплексная правовая проверка оформления трудовых отношений

В интересах ООО «Талан» проведены комплексные проверки оформления трудовых документов ряда организаций в рамках подготовки к сделкам по приобретению бизнеса. Выявлены имеющиеся нарушения российского трудового законодательства, проанализированы возможные риски и разработаны рекомендации по их устранению

Защита прав работодателя в трудовых спорах

Успешная защита прав ООО «Западуралднеруд» в индивидуальном трудовом споре с единоличным исполнительным органом (руководителем) организации.

Защита прав работодателя (Благотворительный фонд «Содействие – XXI век) в индивидуальном трудовом споре по иску уволенного работника - единоличного исполнительного органа (руководителя) организации.

Трудовое право

Разработка трудовых договоров с капитанами морских и воздушных судов, принадлежащих частным лицам