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Land lot appraisal

In general, land appraisal means determination of the market value of the land title or the land leasehold. 
The land lot market value varies with time; therefore, the land is appraised as of the actual date. In case of change in the land lot permitted use category, the market value of such land lot also changes.  
Land appraisal is performed based on the principle of the most effective land use. However, the most effective land use may be in conflict with its current use.
Often, not only the appraisal itself but also the legal, technical and other expert reviews are required. In the course of appraisal, our firm perform all the required expert reviews thanks to the availability of experts including the experts in land resources.

The land lot appraisal is required for: 

·         Change of cadastral value.

·         Sale and purchase.

·         Leasing.

·         Loan (security) granting.

·         Lawsuits.

·         Insurance.

·         Encouragement of investment.

·         Contribution to registered capital.

Documents required for the land lot appraisal: 

·         documents  confirming land title;

·         extract from cadastral register with land lot plan;

·         lease or sale and purchase agreement.