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Cryptocurrencies, their application and regulation are one of the most popular requests in consulting at the moment. The system of digital currencies regulation in Russia is only starting to develop and their status is under ongoing discussion right now. There is no common opinion on the use of cryptocurrencies in other countries either. 

The existing Russian legislation does not prohibit acquiring, owning and selling cryptocurrencies. At the same time, they are not recognized as an official means of payment on the territory of Russia. 


UKey lawyers will help you understand the intricacies of legislation and minimize the risks associated with cryptocurrency circulation.


  • Organizing and processing cryptocurrency transactions;
  • Taxation upon acquisition, storage and sale of cryptocurrencies;
  • Declaration of purchase, storage and sale of cryptocurrencies;
  • Inheritance of cryptocurrencies;
  • Legal and tax regulation of cryptocurrency mining;
  • Use of cryptocurrencies by individual entrepreneurs and self-employed people, including as a means of payment;
  • Use of cryptocurrencies for corporate purposes;
  • Legal disputes related to cryptocurrencies;
  • Responsibility for tax violations.

Advantages of Working with UKey

When working with our professional consultants, you don’t need to
research and monitor the current legislation on cryptocurrency circulation.


UKey lawyers will provide comprehensive support for cryptocurrency transactions and help you choose the optimal individual solution, based on their experience as well as type of your activities, geography of work and other requirements.

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