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Vehicle appraisal

The vehicle appraisal is required for: 

·         Execution of sale and purchase transactions.

·         Formal registration of security when loan granting.

·         Insurance.

·         Inheritance or gift.

·         Contribution to registered capital.

·         Disposal.

·         Recognition or derecognition.

·         Determination of customs value.

·         Leasing.

·         Legal proceedings.

·         Partition of property.

·         Determination of actual value of property.

·         Estimation of damage.

·         Fixed asset tax assessment for calculation of property tax.

·         Investment project implementation.


  • Railway vehicle appraisal    
  • Appraisal of cars, locomotives, tank cars and other railway facilities. 
    In the course of reformation of the Russian railroad industry, the railway equipment becomes the subject of various transactions, such as sale and purchase, security and pledge, and contribution to registered capital, with increasing frequency.  Usually, when entering into such transaction the independent appraiser’s services are required.
    The existing railway equipment used today is worn and obsolete that significantly complicates its appraisal.
    The experts of our firm have developed and implemented the car appraisal method that considers the actual status of equipment subject to appraisal, the remaining service life, the repair frequency, the turnaround intervals, the material of construction used for cars and boilers and the equipment value at the end of run.  

  • Airborne vehicle appraisal     
  • Airborne vehicles is one of the most sophisticated and expensive modern equipment. Airborne vehicle appraisal services provide for appraisal of aircrafts (helicopters, freight carriers, passenger carriers) and other airborne vehicles. Sometimes, only some components of an airborne vessel shall be subject to appraisal for the purpose of their replacement, such as motor or navigation system.
    According to Article 130 of the Russian Civil Code, the airborne vehicles subjected to the state registration are classified as immovable assets. However, considering their functions it is reasonable to classify them as the vehicles. The airborne vehicle appraisal shall be based not only on the general approaches when the airborne vehicles are treated as a certain class of assets, but also on the methods that consider their unique features.
    The most distinguishing feature of the airborne vehicles is the set of special requirements prescribed by the special regulations which shall be considered in the course of their appraisal (for instance, compliance with the specified safety level and ensuring airworthiness and aircraft performances throughout the service life).

  • Waterborne vehicle appraisal    
  • According to the applicable civil law (Article 130 of the Russian Civil Code), the ships and boats subjected to the state registration are classified as immovable assets. Considering functional and physical properties of this type of assets, all the waterborne vessels shall be treated as vehicles and, therefore, the special methods shall be used for their appraisal.
    Waterborne vehicle appraisal is one of the critical conditions for the industry functioning, especially when the sale and purchase market is slack.
    Upon your request, we will appraise the waterborne vessels of any type: boats, ships, mixed river-sea-going ships, running vessels, vessels under construction, disabled vessels, self-propelled vessels and tugboats.
    The most objective result of waterborne vessel appraisal is ensured with the use of all the recommended approaches. When choosing the appraisal methods, we consider the customer’s purposes and interests and render advisory services concerning possibilities to use the appraisal report.

  • Motor vehicle appraisal    
  • Sooner or later, every owner faces the necessity of professional appraisal of his/her motor vehicle. Independent appraiser is involved in motor vehicle appraisal when it is necessary to determine the selling or leasing price of individual motor vehicles or enterprises possessing vehicles as their fixed assets and the starting price for auctions, for privatization or trust purposes, for using of motor vehicle as a security, for property dispute resolution, etc. Motor vehicle appraisal is also required for computation of pledge value for loan granting,  for registered capital formation, for design of company’s development strategy to identify the level of technical support and the possibilities to replace or modernize the old vehicle fleet.
    The most fast and reliable way to sell a motor vehicle is its sale at market price, and for this purpose, the vehicle appraisal is required.