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Legal Consulting


UKey offers comprehensive support and legal services in insolvency (bankruptcy) cases. We know how to effectively protect the rights of both debtors and creditors.

Speed of action and initiative are key to minimizing bankruptcy risks.


  • Legal advice on bankruptcy cases;
  • Full legal support in case of bankruptcy;
  • Protection of the creditors' rights: establishing requirements, disputing transactions and claims of other creditors, monitoring the work of the arbitration manager, holding accountable the manager and controllers of the debtor;
  • Protection of the debtor's rights: financial analysis, protection in case of disputing transactions, protection from subsidiary liability.

Advantages of Working with UKey


UKey lawyers have extensive experience in comprehensive support of bankruptcy procedures with both legal entities and individuals and in resolving conflicts between participants in bankruptcy cases. We have a long record of successfully protecting the interests of creditors when collecting problem debts.

This allows us to correctly assess the prospects for debt repayment, choose the most suitable way for the client to resolve debt issues, and achieve the maximum possible satisfaction of client requirements in the process of bankruptcy.

This ensures timely resolution of the disputes and protection of your interests.

Defense of Debtor Control Person’s interests

Successfully provided advice to clients in litigation regarding pursuing secondary liability on debtor’s control persons for his debts. 

Defense of Creditors’ Rights

Maximum defense and recovery of infringed rights of a secured lender in a bankruptcy case. All remedies used: administrator’s liability including insurance coverage, restitution on the grounds of void transaction, non-application to the debtor (an individual) of the rule of exemption from debts (for the first time in the Russian court practice). Besides, each debtor’s debt was qualified as improper, which excludes any possibility of getting out of it through subsequent bankruptcies.