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Organization of tax accounting

Objectives of the organization of tax accounting:
The organization of tax accounting is an important stage of a company creation process. Proper organization of tax accounting in a company allows to protect it against  tax sanctions, minimize any potential errors in the course of preparation of company’s tax accounts and promptly receive adequate information regarding tax liabilities.

Situations when organization of tax accounting is applied:
Organization of tax accounting is reasonably required in the events of business setting up, reorganization of company,  company’s business expansion, reconstruction of financial accounts, development of company’s accounting policy for next year or for the purposes of development and further use of the optimum taxation scheme based on specifics of company’s business.

Scope of work:
•    Study of company’s specific features including the whole process of production of goods (works, services).
•    Development of company’s accounting policy for the purposes of taxation to formalize tax accounting process in company.
•    Preparation of tax ledgers that are used for accounting of taxes to be paid by company.
•    Development and description of tax document circulation system and preparation of the document filling procedure.
•    Implementation of tax accounting system including 1:С software or any other software.
•    Training of company’s staff on tax accounting process documented in the developed accounting policy.
•    Construction of tax accounting system in accordance with Russian Accounting Standard 18/02 «Profit Tax Accounting». Assessment of tax accounting system performance and preparation of recommendations on its improvement at the end of financial year starting from the date of implementation of tax accounting system in company.

Work product:
It is important to remember that properly organized financial and tax accounting will protect your company against potential errors that may have a significant effect on financial position of your company. Our advisors ensure proper organization of your tax accounting. Tax accounting can be organized for the whole company or for separate business divisions.