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Infrastructure Projects and Public-Private Partnership

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a form of cooperation between business and the state for the implementation of critical social infrastructure projects. To participate in them, businesses need legal advice at each stage of the project, from describing a business idea to the signing of a PPP agreement and its implementation.

If you are interested in investing in infrastructure facilities on the basis of public-private partnership, we will provide comprehensive legal support at the stage of entering a project, as well as choosing an effective legal structure for contractual relations between the parties. We will help you cooperate with the government on mutually beneficial and transparent terms.


  • Legal and tax advice during project preparation;
  • Preliminary legal examination of a business project: determining the prospects and feasibility of its implementation using PPP schemes;
  • Establishing organizational and legal models for real estate development and infrastructure projects within the framework of PPP and legal support for their implementation;
  • Legal justification for using a certain form of PPP to solve a specific business problem;
  • Preparation of tender documentation, bidding support;
  • Development of draft concession agreements and PPP agreements;
  • Interaction with state/municipal authorities on PPP issues.

Advantages of Working with UKey


UKey specialists took part in the development of the Law "On the Fundamentals of Public-Private Partnerships in Perm Region". They are members of the working group of Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the development of public-private partnership in the region, and are also members of the expert councils of the corresponding Regional Ministries.


UKey lawyers have experience in supporting PPP projects in various sectors of the economy and can ensure transparency of cooperation with the state and stable income upon implementation of the projects.

State-Private Partnership in Perm Krai.

UKey staff took part in the working group for developing state-private partnership at Perm Chamber of Commerce.

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