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Infrastructure projects and private-public partnership

Private-public partnership (PPP) is a promising and innovative form of cooperation between business and the state aimed to concentration of financial, material and immaterial resources of each party for the purpose of implementation of important social projects  in various sectors of economy.

Participation of business in PPP makes the following benefits:

- regular income generation for a long time (with regard to private projects without participation of the state);

- awarding of long-term state and municipal orders and receipt of other privileges and preferences;

- minimization of some risks associated with project implementation.

Participation in PPP projects provides for determined efforts to be taken by both private and public partners at each stage of project implementation from generation of business idea to entering into agreement on PPP and its execution.

Our firm is experienced with support of the PPP projects.  UKey experts were directly involved in development of the draft of the regional law "On the Basic Principles of Private-Public Partnership in Perm Krai", work in the target group of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry dealing with development of PPP in Perm Krai and are the members of expert councils of the corresponding ministries of Perm Krai.


  • Юридические и налоговые консультации при подготовке проектов;
  • Preliminary legal review of business projects at the initial stage for the purpose of evaluation of their prospects and feasibility with the use of PPP mechanisms.
  • Development of legal and organizational models of joint development and infrastructure projects and legal support of their implementation.
  • Legal justification of choosing particular PPP form to attain pre-determined business target.
  • Preparation of tender documentation and support in competitive tendering.
  • Development of drafts of concession agreements and agreements on PPP.
  • Advisory support in preparation of PPP projects (legal and financial constituents).

Преимущества работы с компанией «ЮКЕЙ»

Сотрудники «ЮКЕЙ» принимали непосредственное участие в разработке проекта Закона Пермского края «Об основах государственно-частного партнерства в Пермском крае», входят в рабочую группу Пермской Торгово-промышленной палаты по развитию ГЧП в регионе, а также являются членами экспертных советов соответствующих краевых министерств.

У юристов компании «ЮКЕЙ» есть опыт в сфере сопровождения проектов ГЧП в различных отраслях экономики.

Юридические услуги компании «ЮКЕЙ» в сфере ГЧП — это прозрачность сотрудничества с государством и ваш стабильный доход при реализации проектов.

State-Private Partnership in Perm Krai.

UKey staff took part in the working group for developing state-private partnership at Perm Chamber of Commerce.

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