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Intellectual property and intangible asset appraisal

With the development of economy, implementation of new technologies and high technology product manufacturing, the intellectual property and intangible assets become one of the most important constituents of the company’s assets. This is mainly applied to the sound and reputable companies owning well-known trademarks or manufacturing high-tech products. The intellectual property and intangible asset appraisal is especially important for the companies of high-tech sector.

Intellectual property appraisal means determination of the value based on the potential yield of intangible assets associated with their technical novelty. Actually, this is the appraisal of the asset use value including such factor as the asset extra earning power.

Our firm provides the services for appraisal of

·         trademarks,

·         patents;

·         licenses;

·         goodwill;

·         know-how.

The intellectual property and intangible asset appraisal is required for: 

·         intangible asset sale and purchase;

·         asset contribution to company’s registered capital; 

·         entry of asset in the company’s accounting books;

·         revaluation of the company’s assets; 

·         tax optimization;

·         sale or purchase of a company owning intangible assets;

·         motivation of partners and encouragement of additional investment to business;

·         insurance

·         use of intangible assets as a security for granting loans or merger of a company owning intangibles assets;

·         assessment of the total value of a company owning intangible assets for the purpose of the business value-based management;

·         legal proceedings concerning intellectual property;

·         inheritance.