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Resolution of Commercial Disputes

Commercial dispute resolution services are about finding cost-effective solutions to complex issues with high cost of risk. UKey specialists will represent you in court and help you obtain the fullest possible compensation for your legal costs.


  • Legal support for the prevention and resolution of commercial disputes through mediation and judicial procedures;
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes, preventing the adoption of interim measures that prohibit the execution of specific transactions, block funds and impede the client’s normal activities;
  • Protecting the client's interests in court;
  • Ensuring the interests of the client in the process of enforcement proceedings;
  • Professional support during enforcement proceedings.

Advantages of Working with UKey

UKey employs some of the strongest commercial litigation lawyers in Russia. If your case requires additional legal advice, we will involve experts in the field of corporate relations, real estate, construction, bankruptcy, antimonopoly legislation, tax and financial audit to ensure professional support in challenging situations.

Dispute consideration by an antitrust body.

Successfully represented Metafrax, ОАО interests in the filed audit conducted by Perm Antitrust Service to check the price formation procedure for industrial formalin. During the course of the audit, Perm Antitrust Service Committee studied the documents provided and arrived at the conclusion that the formalin price formation procedure at Metafrax was economically and technologically justified. The different prices of formalin are explained by big differences in the product shipment process depending on the tonnage of supplies. The audit also found that the formalin prices set by Metafrax, OAO and Metafrax Trade House, OAO are close to the market average prices existing in Perm Krai and on the markets of other regions of the Russian Federation.

Assistance in reaching peaceful settlement of disputes mutually beneficial for the parties

Represented in court interests of the claimant who had purchased real property classified as the common house property (service floor). During the course of the litigation regarding reclamation of the above-mentioned property from the defendant, talks were conducted with the claimant and a trade-off decision was made: the claimant calls back his suit and agrees that the defendant will reconstruct the service floor to transfer it from the common house property category to the category of individual’s property; the defendant will in return repair the lift in the building and transfer it into the category of common house property.

Real estate disputes

Successfully defended the title of S-Lider, ООО to their property in litigation with the seller regarding compulsion to state registration of the transfer of title. The litigation involved requalification of the preliminary agreement concluded by the parties as a contract of purchase and sale of a future item and  proving that the claimant hadn’t exceeded the limitation period.

Real estate disputes

Restored interests of Gubakha Ski Center and owner’s title to property sold or encumbered in favour of third persons according to deals protected by arbitration agreements. Vindication, restitution, arbitration awards cancelled.   

Real estate disputes

Provided successful defense of title of Danilovsky Construction Plant Production Association, ОАО to real estate items and of lawful interest in purchasing title to the land in litigation with Roseerestr and the Department of Real Property of the city of Moscow. Moscow, Danilovskaya Quay.