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Tax audit

Objectives of the tax audit:
Check by the qualified auditors of:
•    Correctness of tax and duty calculation.
•    Grounds for application of tax privileges.
•    Correctness of tax declarations prepared.
•    Recognition in accounts of payments to/from state treasury.

Tax audit for a company is:
•    Dummy run of a potential tax inspection.
•    Mitigation of tax compliance risks.
•    Decrease of probability of conflicts with representatives of fiscal, law-enforcement and other governmental authorities.
•    Way to upgrade personnel skills.
•    Minimization of financial losses, such as fines and penalties.
•    Improvement of company’s goodwill.

The experts of UKey Consulting Group can perform complete check of any taxes paid by organization including the “unconventional” taxes, such as mineral production tax, water tax or land tax. Upon customer’s request, the comprehensive check of all tax and duty calculations can be performed.