About Company

Ermak Investment Company has been cooperating with Ukey since 2009. Within this cooperation, UKey advisors are involved in providing current and strategic legal support for Ermak investment activities including the issues connected with company’s working with its foreign shareholders incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and on British Virgin Islands in the area of corporate, antitrust, labour and other branches of law. Our advisors always represent Ermak in court.
R.N.Vagizov Ermak Investment Company, OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company) Director General

UKey is a team of highly qualified experts. People who know how to ensure legal protection of any business process: organize and provide high quality current support for business, resolve problems in any law branches, perform complicated project tasks. When a team of practicing lawyers is assisting your company you feel that your business is safe under a reliable legal protection.
А.Е. Novokshonov "VERRA-MOTORS Perm"

UKey lawyers are often just indispensable people. It is impossible to carry out a large development project without a competent legal support. Land acquisition, legal support in construction, capital raising, operating large real estate items are all issues where UKey lawyers have an extensive practical experience, which allowed us to complete much more efficiently the project of construction of a large shopping center in the center of Perm.
Larisa Kopysova Evrokapital, OOO (Limited Liablity Company) Director General

Metafrax, OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company) has been cooperating with UKey since 2001. We use UKey advisors for providing legal support in most complicated tasks Metafrax group has. Firstly, they are issues connected with corporate law, including that of foreign states; issues connected with antitrust, administrative and tax laws. Besides, UKey advisors provide legal assistance in handling Metafrax shareholder’s problems relating both to the exercising of their rights in the company and to supporting any corporate actions (deals). Ukey advisors demonstrate high professionalism, responsible attitude to work and ability to successfully resolve most complicated problems relating to both Russian and foreign laws. UKey features high quality of services, quick provision of information required on any unusual issues, ability to work to a most tight schedule. All that characterizes UKey as a trustworthy partner who performs its obligations in full and meets deadlines.
Armen Gayosovich Garslyan Metafrax BOD Chairman

Over years of cooperation, UKey has proved to be a serious partner able to resolve complicated problems. When problems arise in connection with unusual situations we always have a highly qualified assistance meeting our requirements within the shortest time.
S.V.Belosludtsev Soda-Chlorad, OOO (Limited Liability Company) Director General