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Assistance in tax disputes

Objectives of the assistance:
Tax system is a complex and complicated combination of laws, regulations and legal precedents.

Any company wishes to minimize on legal grounds the amount of taxes to be paid that is in conflict with the mission of tax authorities to increase the treasury revenues. The errors in tax imputation due to complexity of tax regulatory environment are made rather often.  

Ultimately, such conditions result in arising of tax disputes entailing significant tax arrears, penalties and sanctions to be paid by a taxpayer.

However, the experience shows that up to 80 % of disputed decisions of tax authorities are cancelled in court. Obviously, such efforts require involvement not only the company’s accounting staff but also the tax lawyers having extensive experience in resolution of such disputes.

Our firm has extensive experience in successful resolution of major tax disputes including:
•    Support in the course of on-site and off-site tax inspections.
•    Resolution of disputes with tax authorities before the stage of making decision.
•    Appeal of tax authority decisions in a higher tax authority.
•    Appeal of tax authority decisions in courts of arbitration of any instances.


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