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Appraisal of real estate

The situations when the appraisal of real estate is required: 

·         Entering into sale and purchase transactions.

·         Determination of lease payments.

·         Receiving of loans.

·         Contribution to registered capital.

·         Determination of real estate value for insurance companies.

·         Legal proceedings.

·           Accession to the heirship.

·         Purchasing of public property.

·         For taxation purposes.

·         Implementation of investment projects.

·         Liquidation of real estate.

·         Resolution of property disputes.

·         Assignment of debt.

·         Asset revaluation.


  • Appraisal of summer houses    
  • Statistical data show that more than thirty million of the Russians own summer houses. Since summer house is a real estate similar to conventional town house or apartment, the appraisal of summer house value is required in many cases.   
    The appraisal of summer house value is an individual process. Almost all of the buildings have unique arrangement that complicates their comparison and, thus, downplays the comparable approach when reconciliation of results is required. When calculating the summer house value the land lot value shall be also considered that results in analysis of two items: land lot with all its peculiarities and buildings placed on such land lot.
    In order to appraise a summer house, the appraiser normally uses all the three approaches: cost approach, income approach and comparable approach.

  • Appraisal of garages    
  • The appraisal of garages is aimed to determination of their faithful value including value of the land lot where the garage is placed. Currently, the industrial and the private garages as well as the buildings included in the property of the garage consumer cooperative societies are subject to appraisal.

    Garage appraisal is required for entering into sale and purchase transactions, garage abandonment or resolution of disputes pertaining to the real estate.
    Now, the three approaches are used to determine the value of a garage (parking space): cost approach, income approach and comparable approach. The optimal result of garage appraisal is achieved when these three approaches are used together.    

  • Appraisal of cottages     
  • The cottage market is one of the most dynamic and prospective real estate market segments.  
    Recently, the significant increase in mortgage transactions has been observing on the cottage market.
    It is necessary to point out that a mandatory condition for receiving a loan from a bank is performance of independent appraisal of the cottage market value.
    In the course of appraisal of a cottage, many factors should be considered including, but not limited to, quality of soil and water, availability of utilities, distance from railway stations and cities, etc. Many buyers pay especial attention to the quality of access ways, status value of the area and availability of well-developed infrastructure. All these factors have effect on the cottage cost estimate.
    With the help of professional appraisers, you will have adequate valuation of a cottage that allow you to buy or sell the real estate at the objective price.

  • Appraisal of apartments    
  • Anyone who wants to buy, sell or swap an apartment should, at first, appraise it. Obviously, everyone can appraise an apartment by rule of thumb but it is better to delegate to do this to an expert.
    In order to appraise the value of an apartment accurately, many factors should be considered, such as location and type of house, distance from the downtown, yard square, availability of welcomers, etc. In addition, the reports on appraisal of apartments prepared by the professional appraisers are accepted for review by the credit departments of banks, the courts and the other organizations and governmental authorities.  
    Due to the increase in mortgage loan activity in Russia, the appraisal of apartments has become one of the most much-in-demand types of appraisal.

  • Appraisal of assets under construction    
  • One may consider the assets under construction as unsuccessful implementation of investment projects when the investors who are prone to higher risks failed to attain their targets under unfavorable investment market conditions. In order to return at least a part of their investments, many of them are ready to abandon the projects launched and to sell the assets under construction to more entrepreneurially inclined buyers.   
    Experience shows that conventional approach to appraisal of the assets under construction at the cost value does not reflect interests of the players in the current market. Therefore, the market of assets under construction is stagnating for a long time, and the assets under construction cannot find their buyers.
    Cooperation with our firm in appraisal of the assets under construction will help you to dispose your assets in the most efficient way or to make a decision on advantages/disadvantages of your investments.

  • Appraisal of commercial real estate    
  • Value of capital invested in real estate varies with time due to such factors as inflation, demand for specific kinds of real estate and physical, functional and economic depreciation. Therefore, the appraisal of real estate plays the key role for making decisions on investment in the commercial real estate.
    Our experts have extensive experience in appraisal of commercial real estate. In the course of our appraisal we consider all the factors that have effect on the price of your real estate and prepare our opinion based on only the exact, sound, unbiased and up-to-date information. 

    UKey-Appraisal is a partner of more than twenty banks. Our appraisal reports always successfully pass the checks performed by credit committees and some of our partner banks accept for review only the reports made by our firm.

    Types of commercial real estate:

    ·         office real estate;

    ·         retail real estate;

    ·         warehouses;

    ·         manufacturing premises.