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Equipment appraisal

Machinery and equipment become a subject of appraisal in the course of various transactions connected with establishment, change and termination of the rights in rem. The reasons for equipment appraisal may include revaluation of fixed assets, insurance, pledge, business liquidation, etc. The equipment appraisal services are also required when a foreign investor imports equipment for the purpose of contribution to registered company of a Russian legal entity (such way of purchasing of foreign machines, equipment and processing lines is rather popular among the Russia companies because in such cases they are released from payment of VAT and all the customs duties). 

Equipment appraisal is a multiform type of appraisal activities that include determination of the values of almost all the range of movable assets: machines, instruments, computers, process complexes and lines, power units, office machines, appliances and equipment, furniture, consumer electronics and other items falling under the category of movable assets.

Professional appraisal of machinery and equipment is an important and often the only possible way to determine the actual value of the active part of the company’s fixed assets. The experts of our firm appraise the equipment using several methods including application of specialized databases containing information regarding prices and technical parameters.

Types of machinery and equipment subjected to appraisal: 

·         appraisal of machines and equipment including unique or no longer in production machinery and equipment;

·         processing lines;

·         engineering tools, machines and devices;

·         specialized motor vehicles.

The machinery and equipment appraisal is required for: 

·         Sale of machines and equipment.

·         Liquidation and disposal.

·         Formal registration of security when loan granting.

·         Insurance of company’s assets.

·         Leasing the machinery and equipment.

·         Property tax computation.

·         Investment project implementation.

·         Contribution to registered capital.

·         Confirmation of value for customs purposes.

·         Bankruptcy proceedings.

·         Partition of property.

·         Legal proceedings.

·         Official registration of property received without charge.

·         Revaluation purposes.