Evgeny Yuzhaninov

Evgeny Yuzhaninov Partner, Head of "UKEY Audit and Tax Consulting"

Evgeny specializes in audit and tax consulting.

Evgeny graduated from Perm State University with a degree in Legal Studies. In 2003, Evgeny received an auditor's diploma. He is a member of the Institute of Professional Auditors.

Before joining UKEY, Evgeny was head of Legal Department, and later Executive Director at ER Group of Companies. In 2002-2003, he became Deputy General Director and Head of Legal Consulting at ER-Capital, then Deputy General Director of ER-Capital Auditing Company. Since 2005, Evgeny has been working for UKEY, and is now General Director of UKEY-Audit.

His area of responsibility includes attracting clients and negotiating the conditions for the provision of services, resolving complex and unclear issues in the provision of services, general management of the work of auditors and allocating auditors to specific projects, participation in quality control of the services provided. As part of his job, Evgeny is involved in tax disputes, as well as in projects related to the optimization of tax payments.

Evgeny's track record includes successful tax disputes, as well as projects in the field of tax consulting for the following enterprises: Metafrax, RIAL, SUNFRUIT, VERRA-Motors, Kungur Dairy Plant, Perm Silicate Panel Plant, etc.