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Technical Client

Technical Client’s department provides the following:

  performs a set of works for obtaining planning permissions and urban planning documentation;

  gets necessary approvals and submits design documents for expertise;

  provides construction oversight of construction activities;

  commissions facilities;

  audits land lots;

  performs functions of an operating and technical department.

Authorities and scope of Client’s functions are defined by an agreement. The Technical Client’s Department services are performed by a group of experts formed for a particular project.



  • Obtaining planning permissions for design    
  •   land survey works;

      site exploration, ecological surveys, land surveys on a construction site;

      technical expertise of existing utility networks; obtaining technical specifications for connecting to utility networks (issued by technical agencies) with tie-ins to water, power supply, sewage, gas supply and other lines shown on topographic maps;

      Technical Design Assignment;

      selection of an engineering company based on tender.


  • Obtaining approvals for design documents in the course of development and obtaining construction permit.    
      •   submit the project design developed by an engineering company to Government (Non-Government) Expert Bodies;

          obtain approval of the design documentation phase by Government (Non-Government) Expert Bodies;

          obtain construction permit for the Project;

          place under supervision with the State Construction Supervision Inspectorate as provided by Article 52 of the RF Urban Planning Code.

      • Construction.    
      •   conduct tenders to select General Contractor and get Customer’s approval;

          transfer the construction site and working drawings to the General Contractor;

          act as point of contact between the General Contractor’s company and the engineering company;

          check construction and assembling operations, including land surveys, for quality and compliance with design documents;

          organize operations for non-destructive testing;

          control performance of contractual obligations by construction contractor companies, including working with claims, pre-court and court settlement of disputes;

          check for availability and proper maintenance of a required volume of as-built documentation;

          witness and assess completed construction and assembling operations and building elements to be hidden after subsequent operations are completed;

          perform intermediate acceptance of critical elements of buildings and structures;

          provide latest information in the form of market condition reviews, references, summaries, reports to ensure full on-line analysis of project realization and enable making prompt management decisions;

          construction control for compliance of construction and assembling operations, structures, units and materials used and equipment supplied to design solutions, requirements of applied SPs and SNiPs (construction standards and rules), state standards, technical specifications and other standards;

          witness and accept, together with General Contractor, completed work, critical structures and structural elements to be hidden after subsequent operations are completed and prevent performing any further operations prior to executing Hidden Work Inspection Reports.

      • Commissioning.    
      •   obtain distribution companies’ decisions on compliance with technical specifications;

          obtain the State Construction Supervision Inspectorate’s decision on compliance of the completed facility to technical regulations and design documentation;

          take part in the activity of acceptance committees commissioning the facility;

          ensure passportization of the facility;

          register title to facilities with Federal Registration Service for Perm Krai;

          obtain commissioning permits.

      • Land Audit    
          1. As part of Technical Client services, UKey-Engineering conducts audits of land plots.

            Any investor would like to know what costs he will bear buying a land plot and what risks he may incur when realizing the investment project in the pre-design phase.

            A land plot audit includes:

            • checking for any limitations and orders existing for the land plot;

            • checking for possibility of relocating utility lines outside the construction footprint;

            • checking for any existing sanitary protection zone;

            • analyzing the cost and possibility of tying in to utility lines;

            • checking for any existing airport limitations;

            • calculating the cost of demolishing (dismantling) of any existing structures;

            • making sure the title to the land to be used for building construction is clean.

          2. Acting as Operation and Technical Department.    
          3. In realizing construction projects, the operation and technical department is responsible for the set of issues connected with compliance of the completed facility with ‘design documentation’, which, in turn, is confirmed by correspondent as-built documentation reflecting the course and quality of completed construction-and-assembling and start-up operations.

            UKey-Engineering experts are ready to perform a set of works for preparing and submitting a full package of as-built documentation for commissioning a facility according to the schedule both during and after construction-and-assembling operations.

            The services include:

              developing an acceptance procedure for as-built documentation for the construction project and having it approved by parties responsible for accepting and signing that documentation;

              analyzing the master schedule to determine the order of acceptance documents preparation based on the itemized list of facilities;

              making the Acceptance Document List and having it approved

              making reports and as-built drawings to form as-built documentation for construction-and-assembling operations completed on the project;

              making and filling in the work log using working documentation;

              checking submitted documents for compliance and completeness to confirm quality conformance of construction-and-assembling operations performed (passports, certificates, material quality certificates, as-built drawings, working drawings bearing a stamp of compliance of the work performed to the design, contractors’ access documents, etc.)

              providing designer’s change control;

              making a list of signed and completed as-built documentation. Making a report on the as-built documentation generation progress for the Customer;

              participating in final acceptance of the completed project and putting it into operation.