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Protection of interests in the course of inspections

Currently, the state takes an active part in regulation and control of business activities.  Enterprise efficiency mainly depends in successful passing through the state and municipal inspections. The organizations are subject to regular inspections for fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, consumer right protection, inspections performed by the Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision, Federal Committee for Environmental Supervision, etc. Our experience supported by knowledge of legislation and established practices in applying the laws in this field allow our customers to be thoroughly prepared for such inspections, to minimize risks associated with imposition of sanctions and to act proactively through improvement of business processes and compliance with the applicable laws.


  • Юридические консультации по любым вопросам, связанным с надзорными мероприятиями;
  • Preparation for the state and municipal inspections (analysis of documents regarding company activities subjected to inspection, identification of risks of imposition of administrative sanctions, preparation of recommendations on elimination/mitigation of the identified risks).
  • Support in the course of inspections performed by the state and municipal authorities within the framework of the state and municipal supervision (analysis of the inspection authority requirements, preparation of responses to the comments, legal support in individual inspections, ensuring compliance with inspection procedures provided by the laws, preliminary discussion of the inspection results with the inspection authorities).
  • Legal review of acts and decisions of the inspection authorities made in the course of the state and municipal inspections, building of legal position based on the inspection results.
  • Non-judicial and/or judicial appealing against illegal acts, actions (omissions) and decisions of the state and municipal authorities and their officers.
  • Representation of company’s interests in the cases related to administrative offences (building of legal position, preparation of applications and evidence, participation in preparation of reports on administrative offences and in hearing of administrative offence cases in a representative capacity).
  • Appealing against decisions on administrative offence cases.

Преимущества работы с компанией «ЮКЕЙ» 

Опыт юристов «ЮКЕЙ» основан на знании законодательства и правоприменительной практики в различных сферах деятельности предприятий. Наши клиенты подходят к мероприятиям по контролю подготовленными. Мы также минимизируем риски привлечения к ответственности и действуем проактивно: помогаем совершенствовать бизнес-процессы для их соответствия требованиям  закона.

Юридические услуги компании «ЮКЕЙ» в процессе сопровождения надзорных мероприятий — это ваша защита от незаконных требований и предупреждение конфликтов.