Valentin Stepankov
Partner, UKey Consulting Company President
Nadezhda Pronina
Parnter, UKey-Legal Consulting Manager
Evgeny Yuzhaninov
Partner, Ukey Audit and Tax Consulting Manager
Sergei Baranoshnikov
Partner, UKey-Engeneering Manager
Eduard Bobunov
Partner, UKey-Appraisal Manager
Anzhelika Saburova
Legal Consulting, Lead Consultant
Marina Rakintseva
Legal Consulting, Lead Consultant
Anatoly Matyushin
Legal Consulting, Lead Consutant
Olga Noskova
Legal Cosulting, Lead Consutant
Ksenia Kamenskikh
Legal Consulting, Consultant
Marina Varlamova
Legal Consulting, Consultant
Andrei Kosterin
Audit and Tax Advisory Services, Deputy Director General for Audit
Larisa Kunitsina
Audit and Tax Advisory Services, Lead Auditor
Sergei Gidrevich
Engineering, Project Manager
Andrei Rusetsky
Engineering, Project Technical Support Department Manager
Darya Gundina
Engineering, engineer